Canada eCoin

An open-source cryptography project featuring a public blockchain, merged-mining support and an all Canadian advanced multi-agenda research and development team

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Lightening fast

The Canada eCoin runs 20x faster than Bitcoin. This results in lightening fast confirmations so Canada eCoin can be used in face-to-face retail with ease. Canada eCoin's 30 second block target means you can have 10 confirmations within 5 minutes.


User Focused

The Canada eCoin and Sidechain Development Team, est 2015 is User Experience Centric. This means that the main focus in the development of this bleeding edge technology will always be based around the comfort and trust of the user.


Easy to work with

Along with the standard Bitcoin style apps that are well known and easy to use, the Canada eCoin has many projects evolving to help make it superior to those who are new to the cryptocoin world while making it super effective for the experts.

A modern responsive cryptocoin based on Litecoin

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Canada's very own cryptocoin designed to be used by the masses

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